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Thanks for joining our beginner friendly PvP server! Have FUN! NO hacks tolerated, don't be toxic and NO drama! BP wipe: Blueprints only wipe if Facepunch introduces major coding or item changes. (BP wipe Jan. 02, 2020 for a new start.) KnightShade has: [list] [*] Always Custom Maps - Rust:IO Live Map [*] Only Forced Map Wipe, No BP Wipe [*] No Radiation, No Decay [*] 2x Gather, Large Stacks [*] Furnace Splitter, InstaCraft [*] Backpack (/backpack) [*] Spawn your own mini-copter (/mymini, /nomini) [*] Improved Supply Drops [*] Improved Underwater Crates [*] Chinook crate timer 10 min [*] Extended decay time for mini copters, boats and horses [*] SAM tied to TC authorization [*] NPC Drop Gun [*] Upgrade Workbench (/upgradewb) [*] Pets (/pet help, to tame: /pet + E) [*] Extra loot from plant gather [*] Discord: https://discord.gg/8EkyrZU [/list]


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