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Fun laid back PVE server welcoming to anyone wanting to take a break from standard PVP servers. We have an active staff who likes to have fun. Special moderator/admin sanctioned PVP events with prizes for participating/winning. We have custom build colliseums and fun houses for these. We pride ourselves on being a fun community based server. Forced monthly wipes only Blueprints rarely wiped (voted on by our community) Lots of plugins including: Custom NPC Scientists and Zombies at regular monumnents A "Boss" bot with better loot, but is much angrier and harder to kill Friend system Purchasable Vehicles using economics No Decay (except on twig and bases w/o TC) ZLevels Home and player teleports GUI Shop using Economics Kits Repeatable Quests Remove tool Water Catcher Bonuses Player Challenges to earn titles A bank to store items in between wipes Free lighting from Simple lights, mining hat, fireplaces, searchlights, and more. Player Ranks based on time in server with rewards such as: - Backpacks (higher ranks get larger backpacks) - Teleports to Bandit and Outpost - Personal Recycler - Instant Craft - Reskin - Skinbox - Personal Chinnock New plugins may be requested by active players and voted on by staff.


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