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A unique server with both pve and pvp playstyle on same realm. CHOOSE PLAYSTYLE UNTIL NEXT WIPE! PLEASE READ!!! PVP = Kill players and raid bases! PVE = Protected base, no playerkilling or raiding! MAIN RULE: Your clan/team mate have to choose the same as you! PVP-RULES: PVE-bases are protected, find a pvp base to raid. PVE-RULES: No turrets or sams active on base! MODS: This server is heavy modded with 170+ mods and - No decay - All blueprints unlocked at start - No workbench needed - 5x GatherRate and 3x on Quarry - Oil, sawmill and Jpipes - NoFuelUse - Only forced wipe once a month - Spawn and ride animals - Automated Race events like horseriding, cars, boats and minicopter - ZombieHordes and Scarecrow event - BackToBodyTP (pve) - Backpack - RecycleOnTheGo - No random traps - Protected cupboard and foundations - OldBuildBlockSystem - Clans with UI - No radiation on monuments - Large Shop with heli call - SleeperKill event with leaderboard - SecurityCameras and BountyNet - Quests with money - Warp Monument teleport GUI - Ragnarok event - EasterEvent - AirStrike with nukes - Earthquake - Fly chinook perk - Sign artist perk - CopyBackpackInventory perk - Sentry Turret perk - Mortar Strike perk - Nuke target perk All here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/allblueprints/discussions/0/1815422173040704322/



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